For fitness products and customized product solutions, please feel free to call us
AVEC provides a wide range of fitness products, which are manufactured with the latest technology and exquisite craftsmanship.
Contact our team immediately to consult on custom designs and express your vision to the fullest.

Zane na musamman
we have a fantastic design team, rich experiences with fitness and sporting goods fields, make 3D molds to verify the possibility of mass production.
Mature manufacturing experience
Great production automatic line equipments, mature production technology and workers makes reduction
of production cost and the improvement of production efficiency, as well as the integrity of product quality.
Quality Control
We have serious and responsible QC team who will do inspection in the production, before packaging , after complete packaging for all clients.
Cikakken sabis
we own a professional photography team, can provide professional photography services for most customers ; also can design packagings due to customers' customise request as well.
Samun A Touch

Dakin 2303-08, The Mixc Plaza, gundumar Chongchuan, Nantong, China

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